This Privacy Policy is very important and for that reason, we write a number of privacy policies relating to this website.

Visitors from the website are very many and from various backgrounds, ethnicities and religions. We give their freedom to make comments in the comment form that we provide. We indeed moderate the comments but the comment we provide also relates directly to Facebook social media, which is why people can make comments anytime and anywhere without being able to do moderation first. Therefore all consequences arising from comments that come are the full responsibility of the commenters. For this reason, we hope that those who comment will consider ethics, laws and all regulations in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Do not comment with links (links) to other sites that contain gambling, pornography or other sites that are prohibited by law in the jurisdiction of Indonesia if the commentator includes a link. We are not responsible for the content of the included link. If anyone uses your name or your intellectual property in his comments, please contact us. We will cross check and delete if necessary. Our server is not our own, but uses another party’s server. Therefore we cannot guarantee the security of your data. However, we will not divulge your data that comes into us except that you violate the law and by legal interest we are required to submit your data to the authorities placing advertisements by third parties regarding links or the links from advertisements is entirely the responsibility of the advertiser. If the advertiser places an IP Address catcher into their advertisement link or a cookies system then that is the responsibility of the advertiser. The data includes the origin of the IP address, browser type, IP location and so on. If there are other privacy policies that we have not written down, we have the right to add and edit the contents of this privacy policy at any time.